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SpeedStream 5360

Front Panel Lights / Function

Key Item Function
1 pwr

Solid – Power is on.

Off – Power is off.


Solid – Ready for Traffic.

Flashing – Searching for Signal.

Off – DSL link not detected.

3 act

Flashing – DSL traffic flow.

Off – No network activity.

4 enet

Solid – Ethernet port connected to LAN.

Flashing – Ethernet Traffic flow.

Off – Power is off. No Ethernet link detected; check hardware ensure that a straight-through (normal) cable is used.

Rear Panel Function

Key Item Function
1 DSL DSL connection with a phone cord from the phone jack to the modem.
2 10BASE-T Ethernet 10/100 Base-T RJ-45 port, connects to the network card in your computer.
3 Switch On/off toggle switch to control power to the modem.
4 Power DC power adapter connector.


Hours of operation