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Using ecBuilder to build your website

Introduction to ecBuilder

To access ecBuilder downloads, select “E-commerce” from the main menu, and select “ecBuilder Download” from the e-commerce menu.

This advanced tool is useful for customers interested in building and maintaining an e-commerce site. ecBuilder comes in two versions which are described below.
The ecBuilder SOHO version can be downloaded FREE from our ecBuilder page. It is a basic version of ecBuilder with limited features.

The ecBuilder Pro version can be downloaded from our ecBuilder page. The download package is a trial version of ecBuilder, which can be turned into a full version via a license key. A license key can be purchased through us or directly from ecBuilder.

Uploading your ecBuilder site

To successfully upload your ecBuilder website, follow this procedure:

  1. After completing the website construction process, you will be presented with two options:
    • FTP to your existing Internet Service Provider
    • Save your web site to a file folder
  2. Choose the "Save your web site to a file folder".

    After saving your site to disk, use an FTP client to upload the site to our server.

Choosing "FTP to your existing Internet Service Provider" will not successfully upload your site. Please be sure to use the above procedure for the best results.

ecBuilder technical support

We are a reseller for ecBuilder and as such do not support the product. If you require support installing or using ecBuilder, contact ecBuilder's technical support at:


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