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Using Miva Merchant to build your website

Introduction to Miva Merchant

To access Miva Manager, select “E-commerce” from the main menu, and select “Miva Manager” from the e-commerce menu. This option will only be available if Miva Manager has been added to your domain for e-commerce.

Miva Merchant is a browser-based store front development and management system. The modular organization allows the Miva Merchant to be upgraded "live", without any changes to the core system and without taking the store down in the process. All Miva Merchant application and database files are 100% cross platform. A user can enter colours, fonts, images, layout, etc., all from the online administrative interface.

Purchasing the Miva package

In order to use Miva Merchant to build your virtual store, you must first purchase our Miva Merchant package. After logging into the WebsiteOS and launching the Miva Manager, follow the "Click here to purchase a Miva package" link.

Purchasing a Miva license key

In addition to the Miva Merchant package, you will need a Miva license key in order to install Miva Merchant on your domain. If you already have a Miva license key, enter it in the box provided and click "Ok." If you don't have a license key, you must purchase one. Follow the "Click here to purchase a Miva license key" link.

Installing Miva on your domain

After purchasing the Miva Merchant key and adding the Miva Merchant service to your package, the next time you access the Miva Manager you'll be prompted to enter your license key. Enter your license key and click "Ok." The application automatically installs Miva Merchant on your domain in the /public/Merchant2 directory. After the installation is complete, make sure to run the "Configure" option from Miva Manager to complete the setup of your store.

Configuring Miva Merchant

Click the "Configure" button under the "Administrative" tab to open a new window running the "Miva Merchant Setup Wizard." This program will take you through the initial setup and configuring of your store. You only need to run this wizard once.

Administering your store

This option allows you to access the Miva Merchant administration interface. You should complete the Miva Merchant setup and obtain the administration login name and password prior to using this option. Click the "Administer" button under the "Administrative" tab. This will open the Miva Merchant administrative interface in a new window.

Viewing your license number

Your license key is displayed at the top of the Miva Manager application (under the tabs).

Backup your Miva Merchant files

Using this option, you can backup your Miva merchant data files and scripts. To backup your files, click the "Backup" button under the "Backup" tab. The backup files will be saved in a subdirectory in your home directory. This directory will be called Merchant2 with the date and time of backup appended at the end of the directory name.

Restoring a Miva Merchant installation

After upgrading to the latest version of Miva Merchant, you always have the option of restoring your original installation. Select a date to restore from and click the "Restore" button under the "Backup" tab. Miva Manager will restore the selected store.

Repairing your Miva Merchant

If one or more of the Miva Merchant core installation files are deleted or missing, they can be reinstalled by running the "Analyze" option in Miva Manager. Click "Analyze" under the "Backup" tab and Miva Manager will automatically check your installation and replace any missing files.

Upgrading your Miva Merchant

If you are not running the latest version of Miva Merchant, you will see an "Upgrade" option under the "Administrative" tab. To automatically backup your current installation and upgrade your store to the latest version of Miva Merchant, click the "Upgrade" button. Miva Manager will run Miva's upgrade interface immediately following this operation. You must complete Miva's upgrade wizard to ensure your store was upgraded completely.


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