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Call Display User Guide

Know who's calling before you answer the phone. Now you can be selective about which calls you answer.

To use Call Display

The phone number and name appears on the display screen after the first full ring, if:

  • The call is from a local number or long distance number* in Canada.
  • The call is placed from an area where the Call Display service is available.
  • The person receiving the call has an appropriate Call Display terminal and subscribes to Call Display.

* Long distance information is delivered across Canada where technology permits.

If unknown name and/or unknown number is displayed after the first full ring
  • The call is operator assisted.
  • The call is from some types of cellular phones.
  • The call is from an area where Call Display features are not available (local or long distance in Canada).
If private number and/or unknown name is displayed after the first full ring
  • The caller chose to activate a blocking option.
If long distance is displayed
  • The call originates from a long distance area not equipped to provide Call Display.
To use Call Display Blocking

Display Blocking prevents your name and phone number from appearing on a display screen. To use Call Display Blocking:

  1. Simply enter *67 on your Touch Tone™ phone or *967 on your Centrex phone before making your call.
  2. "Private Number" and "Private Name" will be displayed instead of your phone number and name.
  3. When making long distance calls, activate Selective Call Display blocking before dialing.


  • Call Display service works with direct dialled calls from most areas.
  • The originating name and telephone number will not be displayed when the called number is the third party of a 3-Way call.
  • If you subscribe to Call Waiting and hear the Call Waiting tone while on the phone, the calling name and number of the second incoming call is not displayed (unless you also have Call Waiting Plus or Visual Call Waiting).
  • The originating name and telephone number will be displayed if calls are forwarded to a telephone number with Call Display.
  • If you subscribe to Ident-A-Call, only the main telephone number and associated name is displayed. The Ident-A-Call number will never be displayed.
  • When you combine Call Display and Call Answer services, you have the choice of answering immediately after recognizing the caller's number, or letting Call Answer service take the call for you.
  • Call Display service in conjunction with certain types of telephones (i.e. the Vista 390), provides a callers log of incoming calls.
  • Touch Tone is a trademark of Bell Canada, used under license.


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