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Call Forward user guide

For cost and information about subscribing to this feature, visit Home Phone Features.

When you add Call Forward Remote Activation (CFRA) to your Call Forward service, you don't have to be home to program your Call Forward service. Change the number to which you are forwarding calls and activate or deactivate the service anytime, anywhere.


When Call Forwarding is in effect:

  • Calls cannot be received at the telephone forwarding the calls.
  • You may still make calls from your telephone with Call Forward service.
  • Your telephone will NOT ring when an incoming call is being forwarded.
  • If forwarding calls to a long distance number, regular long distance changes will apply and will be billed to your account.
  • If you call forward to another telephone number, unanswered calls will not route to your Call Answer service.
  • Callers will receive a busy signal when the telephone to which your calls are forwarded is busy.
  • Call Waiting/Cancel Call Waiting and 3-Way Calling features are inoperable.
  • If you try to set up Call Forward when it's already working, you will hear a fast busy tone.
How to use Call Forward

To forward calls to another local or long distance number:

  1. Lift the handset and enter *72 and listen for a dial tone.
  2. Enter the number you want the calls forwarded to. This number can be local or long distance (toll charges apply).
    • If the number is local, please enter 204-xxx-xxxx
    • If the number is long distance, please enter 1-204-xxx-xxxx (toll charges apply)
  3. If the telephone rings and is answered at the number you are forwarding to, Call Forwarding is in effect. If the number you call is busy or does not answer, hang up and wait a few seconds. Repeat Steps 1 and 2. Call Forwarding is now in effect.


A telephone number cannot be call forwarded to a FleetNet 800™ number. FleetNet 800 is a trademark of Saskatchewan Telecommunications Holding Corp., used under license.

How to cancel Call Forward
  1. Lift the handset and enter *73.
  2. Listen until you hear a series of beeps.
  3. Call Forward has been cancelled.


You can only cancel Call Forward from the phone that is forwarding the calls (unless you have Call Forward Remote Activation).

Remote activation access numbers

You must dial one of these phone numbers to access the Call Forward Remote Activation feature. The number you dial is determined by the calling area in which your line is operating. If you are unable to determine which of these telephone numbers will allow you to access Call Forward Remote Activation in your area, Contact Us.

Winnipeg Remote Activation Access Numbers
Area Phone Number
Alpine 204-255-1345
Edison 204-339-0981
Fort Rouge 204-477-0242
Gateway 204-661-1232
Inkster 204-586-7111
Main 204-944-3408
Pembina 204-275-6570
Sherbrook 204-772-3522
Vernon 204-888-5201
Whitehall 204-956-5061


Provincial Remote Activation Access Numbers
Area Phone Number
Brandon 204-725-2313
Dauphin 204-638-4516
Portage la Prairie 204-239-6610
Selkirk 204-482-3974
Thompson 204-677-4767


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