Physical and motor skills


Call Display
See who's calling so you can decide if you want to answer or ignore the call.
Call Forwarding
Send your calls to an alternate number when you can't answer the phone.
Call Screen
Recognizes up to 12 numbers and answers your unwanted calls so you don't have to.
Voice Dialing
Make a call by simply speaking the name or number of the person you are trying to reach. Available on a large selection of phones & devices.
Callers can leave you voicemail even when you're on the phone. Access your messages when it's convenient for you.
Visual Voicemail
Listen to your messages without having to call into your voicemail service. Visual Voicemail is only available on iPhones and is included with the Voicemail Upgrade feature.
3-Way Calling
Add a third person to your conversation to make it easier to communicate with friends and family.

Phone Services

Call Again
Don't keep calling a busy number. Call Again will let you know when the line becomes free and call the number for you.
Call Answer
Call Answer will answer your calls when you're away from home, unable to answer, or when you're on the phone. Receive time, date, and telephone number information from this call and reply at your earliest convenience.
Call Forwarding
Forward your incoming calls to any phone number you choose so your friends or family can answer the phone for you.
Call Return
Identify your last caller by dialing *69. It will even re-dial the number for you.
3-Way Calling
Add a third person to your conversation to make it easier to communicate with friends and family.


AMI-audio is the world's largest broadcast reading service, making local, national and international news and information accessible to Canadians who are blind, with low vision or otherwise disabled. Daily, AMI volunteers read and record current articles from leading newspapers and magazines, which are broadcast on TV and online. AMI-audio also broadcasts original programs and Described Audio presentations of top movies and TV shows. AMI-audio is available on channel 704 on Bell MTS Fibe TV.
Set up favourite channels list that only contains the programs you want to easily access.
MyAccount makes it easy to manage your Bell MTS Fibe TV services from the comfort of your computer, including the ability to change TV channels or access MyPVR.
TV Call Display
See who's calling from your TV screen when you have Fibe TV and home Call Display. No more rushing to the phone.
Whole Home PVR
Watch recorded shows or pause and rewind live TV. And because it's a Whole Home PVR, you can pause live TV in one room and resume watching in another.


In-home Wi-Fi
Share your home Internet plan with multiple Wi-Fi enabled devices for convenience and ease of access throughout your home. We offer free in-home Wi-Fi with our Fibe Internet plans.
Technical support
Bell MTS tech support reps can remotely access your computer to help you set up, modify and repair common connection issues for your Bell MTS Internet and email.
Keyboard options
Configure your keyboard to slow down its functionality and make your computer easier to use. For more information, visit Windows Accessibility or Mac Accessibility.

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